Sharing a morning

We believe in the importance and value of parents being involved in their children’s learning and so we invite you to share a morning with your child once per term on one of the sessions that your child attends.  You don’t need to come early – just arrive at your normal time.  If you are not able to come personally we are very happy for your child’s childminder/nanny/grandparent etc. to be involved provided that no additional children are brought with them. The rota is on the parents’/carers’ notice board in the play room and we would be very pleased to see you.  


Whilst we encourage you to share a morning with us, Child Protection guidelines recommend that this is limited to once per term (i.e. approx. once every twelve weeks).  This also helps your child to develop independence.  If you were to stay more frequently s/he might begin to expect you to stay all the time and be unsettled when you were not there.  


Don’t worry if your pre-school child reacts oddly to you being there.  S/he might be very shy, ‘show off’ or be very “clingy”.  This is quite normal and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it.  Take as much time as you want to play with your child and after a period of time s/he may be happy to “share” you with other children but it really doesn’t matter if s/he prefers to play alone with you.  If you are able to play with a small group of children a member of staff will suggest where your help would be most welcome. 


If you aren’t able to share a morning with your child, or prefer not to, please don’t feel guilty.  There are lots of ways in which you can support pre-school and show your child that her/his pre-school education is important to you.  Some of our parents come in and tell the children about their job or profession.  Others play a musical instrument and may be able to join us occasionally at music time.  Some parents are very willing to help wash and repair toys or dressing-up clothes.  Perhaps you’d like to join the management committee – and of course you can always help us by supporting our fund-raising activities.